About Graco

Look around you. Maybe right now GRACO solutions are around you. From cream production for you favourite cake to cheving gum bark. GRACO has a solution for large amount of various production processes. From production through processing to finishing and assembly, GRACO provides equipment for liquid materials manipulation for all industrial production phases. It closely cooperates with leading coating materials producers and testing all systems in advance to guarantee their compatibility with materials used by you. So it doesn't matter what machines you produce - tractors, aircrafts, ships or cars...

..You can rely on solutions for longtime usage and reliable power made by GRACO.


Graco company founded in 1926 year is the woldwide leader in processing of liquid materials components and
systems production. Graco products transfer, meter, regulate, dispense and applies a large range of liquid and
high-viscosity materials used for vehicle lubrication, industry and automotive manufacturing construction and
renovation. Next investments of Graco to development of liquid materials handling and regulation solutions
are heading towards new innovative solutions in global diverse market.

Company headquaters are located in Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA and company employs around
2000 people around the world. Graco ordinary shares are thumbed on the New York Stock Exchange.

Graco company started export its products to Europe in 60's. At that time there were opened sales offices
in France, Germany and later also in UK, Norway, Italy and Spain. Since 1994 year European Graco
headquaters are located in Maasmechelen, eastern Belgium. Graco employs about 250 people in Europe
and their work is focused mainly on assmbly, distribution, customer service, technical advisory, sales
nd marketing.

Graco company in 1999 year acquired company Bölhoff Verfahrenstechnik and then it was possible to
open next production center for industry and automotive production in Bielefeld, Germany.


It doesn't matter which type of product you produce. "We work hard for a
stable and fluent innovation in everything what we do. We understand our
customers requirements, satisfy them on time, consider their size and
categorize them on the spot where it's suitable. We do not accept any
faults and delays. The quality is an individual responsibility of every
Graco employee."

Graco is the renowned brand of quality with almost 90-year experience. It is certified by
ISO-9001 in USA and ISO-9002 in Europe. More than 50 qualified Graco engineers
constantly develope new products as an answer to market requirements. Graco company
guarantees that all products are without any defects at least one year.

In European Graco headquaters are stored more than 13,000 parts with
average service level 95%. Every day it cooperates with carriers
along whole Europe. Barcode makes packing much more faster
and guarantees fast supply realization.