HEMPEL company as worldwide supplier of high quality coating materials for ship industry will help you to remain your ships in perfect condition as in interior as in exterior, during all their life. Hempel company is leading supplier for ship industry already since 1915 year. Products innovation, customer service and technical advisory were everytime focus of Hempel company. Nowadays it supplies large range of progressive products from antifouling coatings which provide fuel savings, to the heaviest epoxydes in this segment.

Except innovative products in finishing, there are more than 650 technical advisors with FROSIO/NACE certificate who will advise you how to make coating fast and precisely.

In offer, there are services for all types of ships and supply of coating materials for new ships but also for maintenance of ports and shipyards. With more than 150 distribution centers we are able to deliver coating materials fast and effectively anywhere in the world.

You will find more information about HEMPEL products and services in ship industry at our profesionals in DASS Košice respectively on Hempel website.