Protective coating materials HEMPEL are used in many industrial segments including power engineering, infrastructure, chemical plants, etc.

Hempel company with decades of experience from ship industry offers anti-corrosion coatings virtually for any type of steel construction. Coatings secure proven and long lasting protection of parts even in the toughest environments. Thanks to new technology it's possible to use them in alkaline as well as acidic environment - and they secure proven anti-corrosion protection even in the most demanding situations.

Only in several days we will deliver a right product with standard tint (including RAL, NCS and BS standards) for your segment and production. Also in case of job of smaller size. Hempel customers are from all the world so products meet with requirements of all the world specifications and assortment is available anywhere.

You can find more information about HEMPEL products and services in industrial coating materials at our profesionals in DASS Košice respectively on Hempel website.