HEMPEL company belongs among leading worldwide suppliers of protective coating materials for containers. You will find Hempel coatings on all containers around the world. They protects them in tough conditions and against influence of hard manipulation and helps to extend maintenance intervals.

Except coating materials for new containers, there aslo range of coatings for repairing and maintenance. By close colaboration we can help you to guide your application processes or short maintenance intervals.

There are no strong application parameters and standards for coatings of containers, so Hempel company systematically works on new solutions which will be convenient for changing requirements of this segment. For example water-based coating EcoBoxcoat for containers was introduced in 2010 and it is possible to use in on existing production line with 3 to 4 minutes cycle without any strong investments to production line technology.

Hempel company doesn't supply only coating materials but also provides professional technical advisory. Professional advisors are ready to provide technical advisory during whole process from choice of right coating system to guidance for you and your employees directly on work site.

You will find more information about HEMPEL products and services in container industry at our profesionals in DASS Košice respectively on Hempel website.