Transfer and dosing systems for sealants and adhesives

Technology for sealants, adhesives and other high-viscosity materials preparation and application is a specific problematics of many industrial sectors. It is a large range of single-compoment (1K), plural-component (2K) materials, warm melt and hot melt materials. Systems are divided to supply and dispense systems, respectively thier combinations. Whereas supply systems serves mainly material preparation, material heating to desired temperature or components mixing and subsequent transfer, so dispense systems directly applies material in according with specified requirements.

We can divide systems by handled material characteristics and apllication to several groups:

  • 1K - Single-component systems
  • 2K - Plural-component systems
  • Warm Melt and Hot Melt systems
  • Metering dispense systems
  • Systems accessories

To system accessories we can include mainly applicators - electric orbital applicator PrecisionSwirl, metered dispensing valve PrecisionFlo, conversion kits and also other parts needed for fuction and systems improvement.