Spray and mix systems for protective coating and passive fire protection

GRACO has a right solution for every of your projects!

Protective coating and steel fire protection is one of the most important factors which determines the overall safety of steel structures and also their durability. GRACO has in its portfolio separate division of units for preparation and application of materials for steel structures protective coating and passive fire protection.
Whether you are a producer of steel parts and structures or applivator of hard industrial and protective coatings with different viscosity grades or PFP materials, Graco has a solution for every of your materials and applications.

Depending on your job size and character you can choose from large range of units and equipment which differs in size, power and spray technology.
Units assortment is divided to two main categories:

  • One-component spray systems 1K, where we offer very popular and reliable Xreme NXT units, Merkur X48 and X72 units and Xtreme PFP unit specialized for pre-mixed one-component passive fire protection material and expanding epoxy materials application.
  • Two-component mix and spray 2K (two components) units are solutions for more complicated applications which will accelerate and simplify your work by mixing of two components directly during spraying so you will avoid problems with hard and not perfect manual mixing of 2K materials. There are XP 2K units suitable for spraying of high solid polyurethans, epoxies and fast-curing materials and also XM 2K units for spraying of large volumes of the hardest 2Kmaterials with requirement to maintain precise mix ratio and units for hard two-component passive fire protecting coatings application.

Of course here is a large choice of accessories. It includes mainly spray guns XTR, a special XHF gun then fluid hoses, heated fluid hoses, hoppers, filters, heaters and other useful things which are needed for correct system operation and high quality coating.

If you need any help to choose a right unit, please contact us, we will be glad to help you.