Spraying and proportioning systems for industrial finishing

GRACO has a right solution for every of your projects!

Industrial finishing technology is with regard to current high development of machinery industry, mainly automotive industry, very ineteresting and with technical solutions rich segment of GRACO spraying technology. Large car factories, machinery technology producers, steel construction producers and also smaller subcontractors need the best and technologically the most advanced solutions for their production process. Of course, also small companies and craftsmen need for their high quality products simple and reliable spraying technology for reasonable price. Graco has a solution for everyone.

In according with size and character of your jobs, you can choose from large choice of technology differing in size, power and type of technology.
Assortment is divided to two main categories:

  • One-component proportioning systems 1K, where we offer Triton, Mini Merkur ES units, Merkur Bellows pumps and Merkur NXT units with different ratios and performance.
  • Multi-component proportioning spray systems 2K (two paints) and 3K (three paints) are solutions for more complex applications which can be like manual system but also like automatic (robotic) system. You can choose entry-level 2K proportioning system ProMix 2KE in pump-based or meter-based version, then 2K electronic propotioning system ProMix 2KS, a new, very precise 2K proportioning system ProMix PD2K with positive displacement technology or 3K electronic proportioning system ProMix 3KS.

Of course here is a large choice of accessories. It includes mainly spray guns which are divided by system characteristics to manual and automatic guns. Different part is very advantageous electrostatic ProXp and ProXs guns technology. In accessories also included fluid and air hoses, hoppers, pressure pots, filters, heaters and other useful things which are needed for correct system operation and the highest quality of your job.

If you need any help to choose a right unit, please contact us, we will be glad to help you.