Vapor abrasive blast equipment and systems EcoQuip

GRACO pcomes with an innovative vapor abrasive blasting technology!

EcoQuip’s Vapor Abrasive technology gives you an equally powerful blast that works quickly like dry blasting, but requires a fraction of the media and the time required to clean it up. That leaves you with savings in material, labor and disposal costs
The technology differs significantly from dry, slurry and traditional water-based blast methods. EcoQuip employs its own patent-pending GRX Flow Dynamics technology, which optimizes the air, water and media ratio. The result is a fine mist with a blast that is powerful like the dry method, but with up to 92% less airborne dust.
Unlike conventional wet blasting, the mist expelled by EcoQuip quickly evaporates. No pools of water left behind. No toxic runoff to worry about. And because EcoQuip uses significantly less media than wet blasting, clean-up is minimal. The result is a cleaner, better-contained process.
EcoQuip is built by Graco entirely of heavy-duty stainless steel crash frames to withstand the toughest conditions and provide years of solid service.

EcoQuip technology is possible to use for grafiti clean-up, paint layer removal, marine coating and protective coating removal, rust and corrosion removal, industrial coating and lining removal, general metal, stone and wook cleaning, lead and asbestos abatement, building and site maintenatce, monument and artifact restoration, roadway marking removal and architectural stripping and cleaning.


  • a quick and powerful alternative to dry blasting
  • less abrasive media consumption, works with all job-appropriate media
  • airborne dust elimination up to 92%
  • savings on clean-up and disposal costs
  • adjustable to a wide range of blast pressures (from 2 to 9,6 bar)
  • won't demage substrates, works on virtually any surface
  • systems is effective in rain and high humidity environment


  • less abrasive media consumption
  • less water consumption
  • no toxic wastewater runoff (without usage of hazardous abrasive media or hazardous target surface)
  • no large slurry mess to clean-up
  • adjustable to a wide range of blast pressures (from 2 to 9,6 bar)
  • systems is effective virtually in any application environment

If you need any help to choose a right system, please contact us, we will be glad to help you.