Company profile

DASS company was founded in 1995 year as a limited liability company. Since its creation it deals with technology distribution of GRACO Inc. company, Minneapolis, USA. In 1997 year, after European center GRACO BVBA establishment in Maasmechelen, Belgium, our company gained authorized distributor status for Automotive and Industry segment and in 2006 year also for CED segment.

In 2010 year company started with HEMPEL coating systems distribution. In Košice business office are our professionals who are ready to help to you with a right coating system choice for the application and also they will provide you quality technical advisory.

Nowadays in building thermal isulation and hydroinsulation area, insulation materials based on two-component polyurethans becoming more and more popular. Since 2012 year DASS company started with distribution of materials (components: polyol and isocyanate) for PUR insulations realization. We offer quality products of German company PCC Prodex.

Company DASS, s.r.o. with almost 20 years experience is a quality professional in spraying systems and technology problematics and it tries to offer the best technical advisory and solutions for customers.

Quality customer service is the key

The steady growth of our company is the result of leading technical level of selling products but also first-class customer service. This growth let us fexibly respond to requests of our custmer and offer complex technical solutions for liquid materials transfer, sealants and adhesives and their application almost in all industry segments. In close cooperation with qualified technical team Graco we can offer systems which are measure of thier quality.

However the customer care doesn't end by sale of unit or technology - vice-versa, our effort is to provide continual technical support as advisory, spare parts supply or servicing and maintenance.

Regular innovations which are result of Graco investments to new technologies development are warranty that every of our customers will have a continual access to the best what is available on market nowadays in liquid materials processing and application.